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Fine Woodblock Reprints: Eisho

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Shiratsuyu of the Teahouse Wakanaya
Eisho (1790 - 1799)
Rare reprint, beautifully printed
$125.00 Fixed Price
Hanabito of the Ogiya
Eisho (active circa. 1790 - 1799)
An Edo beauty masterwork, rare reprint
$135.00 Fixed Price
Beauty after a Bath
Eisho (active ca. 1790 - 1799)
Exceptionally rare and exquisite reprint by the late Tachihara Inuki
$265.00 Fixed Price
Courtesan Reading a Letter
Eisho (active circa 1790 - 1799)
$95.00 Fixed Price
Doll's Day
Eisho (active circa 1790 - 1799)
$85.00 Fixed Price