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Shin-hanga & Modern, 1900 -: Yamamura Toyonari

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Man with a Bell and Mallet
Yamamura Toyonari (1885 - 1942)
Bid: $105.00
Buy: $140.00

Standard Auction
Bids: 0
Ends: 4d 13h 14m393263
Nakamura Kichiemon I as Hoshikage Doemon, 1921
Yamamura Toyonari (1885 - 1942)
Very rare, pre-Kanto Earthquake print, limited edition opening at only $79!
Bid: $121.00 Standard Auction
Bids: 5
Ends: 2d 14h 42m225743
Onoe Matsusuke IV as Goroji, 1920
Yamamura Toyonari (1885 - 1942)
Wonderfully expressive shin-hanga kabuki portrait
$440.00 Fixed Price
Nakamura Utaemon V as Owasa, 1921
Yamamura Toyonari (1885 - 1942)
Rare, pre-Kanto Earthquake shin-hanga kabuki portrait, limited edition
$575.00 Fixed Price