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Meiji Era, 1868 - 1912: Toshihide

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Fuji Arts Overstock Triptych - Unbelievable Bargain!
Toshihide (1863 - 1925)
A Fuji Arts Overstock triptych opening at $59! View the auction for details of the sale.
Bid: $59.00 Standard Auction
Bids: 0
Ends: 2d 7h 34m200077
Subjugation and Seizure: Battle of Pyongyang, 1894
Toshihide (1863 - 1925)
Classic Sino-Japanese Senso-e triptych
Bid: $130.00 Standard Auction
Bids: 1
Ends: 1d 7h 31m113497