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Meiji Era, 1868 - 1912: Hiroshige

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Famous Places in Tokyo: Kudan Sakagami Yasukuni Shrine, 1880
Hiroshige III (1843 - 1894)
Bid: $110.00
Buy: $150.00

Standard Auction
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Ends: 5d 17h 19m494379
The Fine Arts Museum and the Shojo Fountain at the Second National Industrial Exposition in Ueno Park, 1881
Hiroshige III (1843 - 1894)
Great Meiji design!
Bid: $345.00
Buy: $395.00
Standard Auction
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Ends: 4d 17h 52m409959
The Grand Opening of Kawarazaki-za Theater, 1874
Hiroshige III (1843 - 1894)
Fantastic kabuki theater subject we've never seen before
$1195.00 Fixed Price