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Fine Woodblock Reprints: Eishi

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Courtesans of the Chojiya
Eishi (1756 - 1829)
$80.00 Fixed Price
Classic Pillow Print
Eishi (1756 - 1829)
$65.00 Fixed Price
Oto no Kuronushi
Eishi (1756 - 1829)
Spring Collection: Rare Taisho era Takamizawa prints
$160.00 Fixed Price
Praying for Rain
Eishi (1756 - 1829)
Fine Adachi Publisher reprint, circa 1950s
$80.00 Fixed Price
Segawa of the Ogiya
Eishi (1756 - 1829)
Beautiful mica background
$120.00 Fixed Price
The Courtesan Takigawa at the First Sale of the New Year Celebration in the Parlor
Eishi (1756 - 1829)
Subtle mica background
$85.00 Fixed Price