Meet Our Team

We're a unique group working daily to bring Japanese prints to collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts worldwide. We take our work seriously, but we take our fun seriously, too! We mix our active, fast-paced Fuji Arts sales days with some laughs, group lunches, and unlimited cold beverages in the fridge.

We're phoning and emailing with you daily, so we'd like to put some faces behind the conversations . . .

Jared Fadden

Logistics Manager & Social Media Coordinator

Jared is in charge of Fuji Arts logistics, including inbound and outbound shipping, ordering, shipping cost control, and client special services. He also has an interest and background in social media and heads up our social media outreach.

Jared is originally from Indiana, now living an Ann Arbor lifestyle. He likes to spend time with his family traveling, enjoying the outdoors, cycling, and hiking.

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Matt Egeler

Student Intern

Matt is a student at the University of Michigan and the Fuji Arts college intern. He assists in shipping, photo preparation, and inventory management, as well as runs for soft drinks, company lunch, and afternoon treats. We like to give our interns a chance to learn about the workplace and small business. We hope these lessons are valuable wherever the future takes them.

Matt loves sports, and his enthusiasm for Michigan athletics might only be rivaled in the office by Kevin's. He stays active by playing soccer and golf, along with running through the Nichols Arboretum on campus.

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Bill Fagan

Founder & President

Bill was born and raised in Michigan and proudly hails from the Upper Midwest. In our part of the USA, we are known for our direct, friendly manner and lack of pretentiousness. That's the perfect place for Fuji Arts, where the "nose in the air" attitude, so common in the art world, just seems unnecessary to us.

After several years in a family business, and some exciting career twists and turns, Bill founded Fuji Arts in 2000. He loves art, travel, collecting, gardening, and having a beer with friends. He's a natural entrepreneur and Fuji Arts is his passion.

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David Foerster

Partner & Sales Director

David is a Texan by birth and a Michigander by choice. He made his way to Ann Arbor after successfully completing a civil engineering degree, deciding to pursue his passion for Asian arts, language, and cultures. David leads the sales effort at Fuji Arts, and his friendly spirit and intelligence show through.

David loves to travel and has been all over the world. He is a knowledgeable gardener, avid basketball and college football fan, and an all-around fun guy to hang out with.

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Paula Doe

Research Director

A Nebraska native, Paula found herself in Michigan by way of Virginia. She has a master's degree in art history and museum studies, and has worked in art galleries and museums as diverse as the Museum of Nebraska History and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. She spends her days at Fuji Arts researching and writing, providing our clients with an informative description for each print that we sell.

Active in the local arts scene, Paula shows her mixed media artwork regularly. She also loves to travel, read, garden, and enjoy the beautiful Michigan beaches.

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Phil Harney

Graphics Manager & Inventory Control

Phil's been with Fuji Arts since 2006, and with 180,000 prints sold in that time, we are sure that Phil holds the world's record for the most photos of Japanese prints ever produced by one person! Phil also leads inventory control and order fulfillment.

Phil lives in Ann Arbor where he likes to work out and enjoy the outdoors with his wife and dog. In his spare time, he designs and creates furniture.

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Where are we located?

Fuji Arts is located in a renovated urban loft office on Ann Arbor's bustling Main Street. Happily ensconced in the upper Midwest of the USA, we enjoy the changing seasons, friendly people, and fun activities happening all the time in our popular university town. Take a virtual tour of Fuji Arts - we're unique in the business.